Thread: Is learning how to program in mode 13h still worth it?

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    Is learning how to program in mode 13h still worth it?

    It's DOS graphics in general, not just mode 13h

    I'm taking a computer graphics class , there's a class that's given in DOS graphics using C and the Turbo C++ compiler (don't ask me why) and another which is given in flash..

    I've heard programming in dos graphics is outdated is it true? and which one do you think is the best option?
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    Not really. The only real application for that is like console gaming, do you want to know that? A modern framework is as much an example of computer graphics and how they work.

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    Only applies to the modern idea of locking a surface and writing to it. The width is now the pitch of the buffer. Width is in bytes in 320x200 but b/c each pixel is 1 byte the pitch appears to be the same as the screen width. Pitch is actually given in bytes and must be converted to 'texels' to get the correct address.

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