Thread: I need Help with scripts for a game!

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    I need Help with scripts for a game!

    Alright Im making an adventure for a game called The Punic Wars.

    What im trying to do is, After im done with a conversation between 2 players, I want the person, and his army, to be set as player 1, just like me.

    His name is Barnabas.

    What ive done is:
    - Which works, for 1 unit.. But since the army is made of 50 other people, i wouldnt sit and make that code 51 times.. Well I hope ya understand what i mean.

    So i added them to the group " Barnabas_team"

    Then tried:
    - which did compile, but didnt work in test mode/or in game generally.

    Any ideas ? :-)

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    So have an array of names, say

    // the names of all the people in your army
    std::vector< std::string > armyDudes;
    Then you can have a loop to do something like
    GetNamedObj( armyDudes[loop] ).SetPlayer(1);
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    Hmm, yeah i was thinking that too, but couldnt get it to work.

    Besides its an ingame -editor, using c++ tools, etc . So, both vector and loop aint supported in the editor, i think, lol. Atleast it only gave me errors so far, but thanks for the tip!

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    Err... so what is the scripting language in use? If it is a custom one, what does it allow you to do?
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    Im not sure actually, theres a documentation for it:

    Celtic Kings Script (CKS) is syntactically very simillar to C. You have the same language constructions - for, if, while, goto. There are constructions, which are absent - switch, defining functions, certain operators. There are also features that are somewhat different from their analogues in C. Be sure to read all articles below, to be sure that every aspect of the syntax is clear to you before continuing with reading sample scripts.
    Ive guess if you want to help me, you can read the documentation, its not much
    Ive got no idea about it myself, im pretty new to this

    Oh and : IF your using Vista/WIndows 7, u would have to right click the documentation - properties - remove the blocked thingy, You'll understand


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    Lightbulb struct

    Couldn't open your documentation so I'm shooting in the dark here.

    If you can alter the struct of the the fifty dudes you may include a property or a simple string lets suposse "Allegiance" and so you could define this property in the moment you spawn these characters on the scenario - like a function parameter.


    Furthermore, every character will have its own "Allegiance" variable wich you could change anytime you want with a trigger. That way an army could revolt if you don't pay the wagers huh?

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