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    Question Win32 PONG problem!

    OK, I am doing a Windows PONG and I have a problem. I need to make 2 diff. colored buttons. When I send the WM_PAINT message, my program won't draw the ball. What do I do?


    case WM_PAINT:
    HDC r;
    RECT rr;
    r = GetDC (red);
    GetClientRect(red, &rr);

    FillRect (r, &rr, CreateSolidBrush (RGB (255, 0, 0) ));

    ReleaseDC(red, r);

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    you're just refilling the screen with red aren't you? how about you redraw the ball aswell?

    by the way, you should use BeginPaint and EndPaint when handling the WM_PAINT message.. not GetDC and ReleaseDC

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