Thread: Hi... this is not a game; rather, it is me asking for help related to a game.

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    Hi... this is not a game; rather, it is me asking for help related to a game.

    I have decided to attempt to "solve" a board game.
    I would like to design a program that will help this become relatively easy by creating a huge, visual tree of moves. I won't say which board game this is, for it is a really competitive game, and I want to be able to gain an edge by using this to help with studying.
    A few things about this:
    1. I want someone to explain to me how to create a menu that allows me to save this tree, create new nodes, delete existing nodes, etc.
    2. If possible, the program must be able to fit onto a flash drive (about 3 gigabytes of memory left on it), so I don't want anything huge memory-wise (I use many computers and it helps to be mobile).
    3. I have no idea how to write programs that use clicking instead of the keyboard. A useful explanation would help.
    4. I don't want anyone to write the program for me; no source code please, unless it helps with the explanation.
    5. I would also like the visuals to adjust automatically when new nodes are fitted in, so that the variations would not collide. Also note that this program will need a huge amount of scrolling, both horizontally and vertically.

    This is not "homework". This is simply a personal idea that I would love to succeed with.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    P.S. I use C++ code.

    Also, I need to know how to turn it from a project in a compiler to an actual .exe program.
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    1. Looks like GUI programming, learn that first
    2. I doubt there are many 3GB-progs in the world. Even Windows etc. takes less space
    3. Learn using GUIs
    4. That's ok
    5. GUI programming

    Basically, learn GUI programming. Use wxWidgets for that or the native Windows/Linux API if you want.

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    Let's assume that I wish to stick with C++; I have very limited knowledge of C++ and programming altogether, but it would be far more confusing to switch to another language than to continue with what I have.
    Thanks, though. I'll look into it.
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    You will still be using C++, but you will also have to use libraries. You can never do any sort of graphical programming from the C++ standard library alone. This is completely OS dependant, although there are libraries out there that are cross-platform (GTK, Qt4, think wxWidget is aswell).

    I would say learn GUI programming but dont forget to keep learning C++. GUI programming is not an easy task, especially so if youre not very familiar with C/C++.

    (Hmmm im way too tired to respond, i almost ended that previous sentence with ; after C++)

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    I'll bear that in mind as I try this.

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    When you run into issues or specific problems come back and we can assist you. This post is too broad and too vague. We cannot show you how to create a program that does A or B - but we can help you with a program that does A or B and yet will not compile, has linking errors, or has incorrect logic.

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