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    rotation issue

    I'm building a cube using other smaller cubes and its being constructed like this:

    a = world axis
    c = cube

    a c c
    c c c
    c c c

    Now I would like to move the axis to the center like this:

    c c c
    c a c
    c c c

    Currently my code looks like this:

    for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
       ... 2 more for's
    How can I change the world axis to the center of cube?
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    So you have like 9 small cubes inside one big one? In that case you would subtract of all coordinates. If L is the length of a cube you would do like (x-L, y-L, z-L) for every cube that has coordinates (x,y,z), counting lets say from the top-right-deep corner.

    But it depends on what you mean transfer the center. What is your intention?

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    What I would like is to rotate the cube[around its center] and not the world axis.
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