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    Win32 programming

    do you need to kown how to program in win32 to use allegro, directx, or OpenGL?
    thanks in advance

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    No on Allegro or OpenGL (you don't even have to compile on a Windows machine for these), and for DirectX, just a little really. Especially if you go with DirectX, it isn't a bad idea to get into it a bit though. Any knowledge can generally benefit you.
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    like patato salad?

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    Grats Justin! A non allegro-biased post. I'm so proud of you

    like patato salad?
    uhhh... don't know about you Xterria
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    Red face Well for me I have too

    Well I have to know how to program in Win32 because I program on a windows system and I program in OpenGL. The reason for knowing Win32 because I need to know how to create a Window so there maybe you should know Win32 if you was in my shoes
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