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    Question Very Confused about this....

    Ok basicly what im trying to do is brainstorm the best way to go about loading functions from a file... for example
    Say you load a level file into your game (The game is an RPG by the way ) you talk to a person in that level and they could do a range of differernt actions...

    This is the best idea iv'e had so far in getting this to work
    class sprite
    { public:
    int function[];
    int string textarguments[]
    int numberarguments[][]
    and then something like...
    sprite person[10];
    if( user presses action key)
           case '1':
           case '2':
           another_function(person[0].numberrguments[x][y1], person[0]numberarguments[x][y2]);
           }//end of switch
    }//end of if
    however this seems like a very messy, wastefull and confusing way to go about things as there would be alot of unused elements of the arrays

    Is there a better way to go about this? Have I explained this well enough?
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    I'd suggest using a scripting language, but hey, that's just me.

    GameMonkey Script
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    Or you can write the functions and assign them some key that you call from the file. And 'switch' through them. But, like bernt, i would go with lua or python.
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