Thread: How to tell what you're selecting?

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    How to tell what you're selecting?

    Say I have an 3d opengl game.....
    You can walk around and there are objects and things on the ground....
    If I wanted people to be able to click on these objects and have something happen, how do I tell if the person has his mouse over it.

    Basically, how do I use mouse position and character position to determine where and what the mouse is selecting ingame?

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    OpenGL has inbuilt selection and feedback support. You can use them to do whatever you want that have to do with selection and it's very efficient!
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    Btw, i would REALLY suggest nehe tutorials if you are doing opengl. You can find anything that you are looking for there.

    nehe opengl tutorials

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    Google 3D picking. Essentially you cast a ray from your cursor into the 3D world and then make a list of what it hit and normally return the closest object to the camera or provide the player with a list of things to select.

    IGameObject *Picking::Pick()
        POINT s;
        D3DVIEWPORT9 vp;
        float w = vp.Width;
        float h = vp.Height;
        D3DXMATRIX matProj = g_pApp->getCamera()->GetProjMatrix();
        float x =  ( ( ( 2.0f * s.x ) / w ) - 1.0f ) / matProj._11;
        float y = -( ( ( 2.0f * s.y ) / h ) - 1.0f ) / matProj._22;
        float z =  1.0f;
        //float x = (2.0f * s.x / w - 1.0f) / matProj(0,0);
        //float y = (-2.0f * s.y / h + 1.01f) / matProj(1,1);
        D3DXVECTOR3 origin(0.0f,0.0f,0.0f);
        D3DXVECTOR3 dir(x,y,1.0f);
        D3DXMATRIX matInvView;
        D3DXMATRIX matView = g_pApp->getCamera()->GetViewMatrix();
        /*m_Line[0] = PickVertex(m_vecWorldOrigin.x,m_vecWorldOrigin.y,m_vecWorldOrigin.z,D3DCOLOR_ARGB(255,255,0,0));
        D3DXVECTOR3 vecEnd = m_vecWorldOrigin + m_vecWorldDir * 200.0f;
        m_Line[1] = PickVertex(vecEnd.x,vecEnd.y,vecEnd.z,D3DCOLOR_ARGB(255,255,255,255));*/
        return testObjects();
    IGameObject *Picking::testObjects()
        std::vector<IGameObject *> visible = g_pApp->getScene()->getVisible();
        IGameObject *result = 0;
        util::AABB temp;
        D3DXMATRIX matView = g_pApp->getCamera()->GetViewMatrix();
        D3DXMATRIX matProj = g_pApp->getCamera()->GetProjMatrix();
        D3DXMATRIX matWorldViewProj;
        D3DXMATRIX matTrans;
        std::vector<IGameObject *> hitList;
        for (size_t i = 0;i < visible.size(); ++i)
            util::AABB box = visible[i]->GetAABB();
            D3DXVECTOR3 pos = visible[i]->GetPosition();
            matWorldViewProj = matTrans; // * matProj;
            BOOL hit = D3DXBoxBoundProbe(&box.GetMin(),
            if (hit == TRUE)
        D3DXVECTOR3 camPos = g_pApp->getCamera()->GetPosition();
        float minDist = FLT_MAX;
        for (size_t i = 0;i < hitList.size(); ++i)
            IGameObject *temp = hitList[i];
            D3DXVECTOR3 toObject = hitList[i]->GetPosition() - camPos;
            float dist = D3DXVec3Length(&toObject);
            if (dist < minDist)
                minDist = dist;
                result = hitList[i];
        if (result)
        return result;
    This is for D3D so you will have to adjust the z direction of the ray and transpose all the matrices. However the math for computing the ray should be the same (on a transposed matrix).
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    Thanks, interesting way to do it wouldn't have though of that.

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