Thread: Game programming with Visual C++, MFC and TCP, UDP and Socket API

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    Wink Game programming with Visual C++, MFC and TCP, UDP and Socket API

    Hello everyone,

    I have to do programming to make a small, straightforward game operating over a LAN

    network. I think I should use Visual C++ and MFC libraries from Microsoft, because it's easy to

    learn and use. Dealing with some network programming concepts such as TCP, UDP and some

    Socket API is also essential.

    I have no background in gaming and network programming. So, I face some difficulties.

    Can you please give me some simple sample games source codes such as hangman, bingo,

    puzzle etc., with or without networking, for me to get familiar with.
    I appreciate projects built with MS Visual C++ 2005/2008. But any advices are invaluable!

    Thank you for any help.

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    First you try, then we help.

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