Thread: No acess to the video memory????

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    under DOS video memory is memory mapped to A000:0000 IIRC

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    under DOS video memory is memory mapped to A000:0000 IIRC
    Only for mode 0x13h which is 320x200 8-bit. EGA and some CGA are mapped to B800:0000 AFAIK and most VBE modes are mapped in a different manner.

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    Only for mode 0x13h which is 320x200 8-bit. EGA and some CGA are mapped to B800:0000
    Not realy Bubba , all graphic modes, in mcga,ega vga are in 0xa000:0000
    0xB800 is to text modes only

    Now... i have tested some other colors, and i dont see the light.

    do not worry this is only an exercise

    and if I could take this function of my brain, not copy & paste
    for mode 0x12 680x480x16 planar mode,
    I also get there in mode 0x101,later

    								*** vbeMemCpy(...) ***
    	 copy pixels one by one to all four planes
    	first to call this function
    	you may set
    		far Pointer to destination memory          *dst
    		 reserv buf where store the image       *src
    		 Set WriteMode  to 3
    		 MapMask Register  to all four planes   outpw(0x3c4,0x0f02)
    		 BitMapRegister   to all 8 bits         outpw(0x3ce,0xff08)
    		 set index reg to SetReset register     outp(0x3ce ,0)
    		SetReset define de color                outp(0x3f,*src++)
    		and cpu data define the index pixel     *dst=i
    void vbeMemCpy(unsigned char far*src,unsigned char far*dst,unsigned int x,unsigned x1,unsigned int len){
    	  unsigned char tmp;
    	  unsigned char i,i1;
    	  i=(0x80>>(x1&0x07));            // i= what pixel in the first 8 dst pixels?
    	  i1=x&0x01;                             //  i1=what pixel in the first 2  src pixels
    	  if(i1)tmp=*src&0x0f;else tmp=*src>>4;
    			 outp(0x3cf,tmp);     //SetReset    set color
    			 tmp=*dst;              // upload the latches
    			 *dst=i;                   //set this bit in all 4 planes
    			 i=(i>>1);                // next pixel
    			 if(i==0){ i=0x80;dst++; }
    			 if(i1&0x01)tmp=*src&0x0f;else{ src++;tmp=*src>>4;}
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    you cannot use the LFB without a DOS extender
    Just out of curiosity, Bubba, what do you mean by that? I've never heard the term "DOS extender" before.

    Do you just mean that you need a compiler that can compile to DOS?

    Every once in awhile I open up my old 13h graphics programs and recompile them and run them. I do it under Borland C++ 5.02 which is the IDE I developed them all on, and it compiles to DOS. I haven't tried doing it with Visual Studio or gcc...but I should try. I would need to change all the assembly code (which isn't that much honestly) to be in gcc's assembly format rather than Borland's.
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