Thread: Open GL and FPS

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    Open GL and FPS

    is this normal that open gl get low FPS if i render 400 objects at the same time?
    just little spheres with radian 5, blending is on
    i use a DualCore AMD X 2 4800 1GB Ram and 256MB Ram DDR2 Graphiccard


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    in order to get +100fps increase its required that you not use opengl or dx, you have to use ur harddrives hw acceleration after configuring the quadratic clock multipliers to overdrive which gives exponential increases in performance.

    also, consider getting a better gpu or writing more efficient rendering loops.

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    400 objects should not tax the system. How many vertices are in said spheres? I normally use spheres with 32 segments longitudinally and lattitudinally. You could brute force that with 400 spheres and still not have any problems. That is if you are pre-computing the vertices and using static meshes with no hierarchy.

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