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    Hello to you reader!!!!
    I am new to this forum so i salute you all.
    I have a question about keyboard handling in games.
    My initial idea is a game console enviroment for a (someday wannabe) 3d game engine. I have a little problem on how to take the right keyboard input and "build" the console command inside a game loop???
    Does it make any sense??????
    I mean how can i be sure that everything i type from the keyboard will be printed on screen???
    Or how can i be sure that a single key press will not print a line of same letters????
    Inside a game loop, if the fps is big, the keyboard handling function will be executed many times within a second and then a single keypress will be equal to a 20 keypresses.
    If anyone understood what i just said and knows a solution to my problem please inform me.

    Forgive my terrible English.

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    it executes the loop then moves on to the rest of the functions.
    i.e. while ( firekey() != false){

    while firekey is the function for keyboard input (different for each graphics library.
    and pfire is the function that fires a weapon or does the initial command
    if a contradiction was contradicted would that contradition contradict the origional crontradiction?

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    Or how can i be sure that a single key press will not print a line of same letters????
    if glwKEYS[glw[0]) //This is the key beign pressed
    do this great code;
    glwKEYS[0]=FALSE; //This will tell the computer to ignore this keyboard command until it is pressed again
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