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Thread: OpenGL or Direct-X

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    What game was that?
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    Originally posted by SilentStrike
    What game was that?
    I'd like to know that as well.
    Not yet, have to think of one...

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    Red face

    Everytime graphics libraries are mentioned, even in the slightest, you jump in with Allegro. Are you being paid?
    LOL, I should be shouldn't I!?!? Er... I'll shut up now.

    BTW, with Wine running on SuSE 7.2 or higher I have been able to play many DirectX games at reasonably fast to faster speeds, but I wouldn't really call it a native port or anything.. it is basically being interpreted. Linux just does it really well (most of the time).
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    Post Both are good......

    Both of them are great but at the moment im using OpenGL and i have done some good things in it. OpenGL is more easier than Direct X8. All im saying is i use OpenGL for graphics and DirectX for everything else such as Direct play, sound, input.
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