Thread: i have to write simple car racing game?

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    Question i have to write simple car racing game?

    hello there,

    i am a astudent in computer engineering (my first year) and i have to write a simple car racing game before this term finishes.
    but i dont have any idea about how can i do this.
    because i am so new at c programming and i know only these: basic i/o commands, functions, pointers, arrays (a little) and structures (a little).

    game must have this features:
    • car must go to horizon,
    • road mustn't be straight ahead,
    • race against the time,
    • and scores must be written in a file on disk.

    can you tell me what i have to learn to make this game?
    which steps should i follow?
    thanks for replies...

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    Try it yourself and come back with the issues you encounter.

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