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    I'm trying to make a texture wrapper for d3d 9.0c and I'm having trouble with my copy constructor.

    TEXTURE::TEXTURE( const TEXTURE& temp )
    	// ...
    	Texture = new IDirect3DTexture9;
    	*Texture = *temp.Texture;
    	// ...
    I get the "error C2259: 'IDirect3DTexture9' : cannot instantiate abstract class" error and I know what the problem is (I think). But how am I supposed to get around this (I'm not 100% familiar with copy constructors so this could just be a general C++ question).

    Much appreciated!

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    So, the member variable Texture is a pointer to IDirect3DTexture9. You do not know what is the exact type of the object that the pointer temp.Texture points to. Check the interface for IDirect3DTexture9. If it provides a clone() member function, use it:
    Texture = temp.Texture->clone();
    If not, you might be reduced to using dynamic_cast to try all the possible derived classes of IDirect3DTexture9 until you find the correct one.

    Or maybe this TEXTURE class really should be non-copyable, in which case you should declare its copy constructor and copy assignment operator as private and do not implement them.
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    Anything called IBlahBlah is an abstract COM interface. You are not able to copy such objects. If the object is copyable, then there should be an exposed interface which allows you to copy it.
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    You cannot call new on a COM object and expect it to work correctly.

    Use D3DXCreateTextureFromFile/Memory/Ex() or IDirect3DDevice9::CreateTexture() to create a pointer to a texture interface.

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