Thread: "Gun" bullets moving around?

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    Question "Gun" bullets moving around?

    With the current game I am working on, it's my first, I will need "guns". I know how to detect the key, but how do I use a function something like:

    void fire(GLvoid)
    // I need this

    To create a "bullet" and make it travel through the space along the y axis?


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    well...this requires basic physics.

    Position = BeginningPos + (InitialVelocity)(Time) + (1/2)(Acceleration)(Time)^2

    Now, your bullet will have to go along both the x and y axis, unless you are making a 3d game, then it will be x, y, and z axi (i axi the plural of axis? anyways, btw).

    So you would use this equation for all the axi (assuming axi is plural for axis )

    so to figure out the y position of the bullet:

    y = BeginningY + (InitialVelocity)(Time) + (1/2)(Acceleration)(Time)^2

    BeginningY = starting y coord
    InitialVelocity = in meters/sec...probably around 300 m/s for a bullet...maybe even up to 600 m/s
    Time = amount of time since bullet was fired
    Acceleration = for the y coordinate, this would most likely be the gravitational this would be -9.8

    you would use this same equation for the x and z axi.
    Only the acceleration variable for those axi would be different. For the x axis it might be windspeed...who knows...there might not even be any acceleration.

    Also, you will need to be able to fire your bullet at different angles. Those equations I just stated assume a 90 deg. angle perpendicular to the ground. For diff. angles, do this (for the y axis):

    y = BeginningY + (InitialVelocity)(Time)(sin Angle) + (1/2)(Acceleration)(Time)^2

    for x axis:

    x = BegX + (InitialVelocity)(Time)(cos Angle) + (1/2)(Acceleration)(Time)^2

    for z:

    z = BegZ + (InitialVelocity)(Time)(tan Angle) + (1/2)(Acceleration)(Time)^2
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    The plural of axis is actually axes (with a long e sound), but that's so plain that I'd go ahead and use axi.
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    >your bullet will have to go along both the x and y axis

    in a right-handed setup the component of acceleration would be the z axis, where x and y would ideally not vary [remember, physics is based on simple models to explain observed phenomenon]. any external forces on the system would cause changes in all three axes.
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    1,033 this physics? am I gunna have to learn this when i do 3d games?

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    Originally posted by Xterria this physics? am I gunna have to learn this when i do 3d games?
    elementery physics is used in games such as pong...

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