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    Recruiting members for game development organization

    Hello, my name is Ruflano and I'm 16. I was/am studying C++ since I was 14. I know some functions such as cout and stuff like that. I am currently making a project containing all of the functions I know(arrays, variable storage, strings, loops, random number, text color, recieving user input). When I grow up I want to be a game designer. I'm learning a little bit of C++ to make me more "employable" in the gaming industry. I have decided to form this game development organization. It will consist of rookie C++ programmers, veteran programmers, and some designers(who own programs such as Adobe workshop or anything like that). Though I want more rookies in the team than veterans. I want veterans in the team to act more as "teachers". The purpose of the group is for all rookies to learn new things together. So that all(people in the group) of our knowledge expands together. This could be a great learning experience. C++ is a difficult language to learn. I am working on the group's name right now. If you're interested in joining this organization e-mail me at

    please be sure to include:

    Name(nickname could be included):
    E-mail Address:
    AOL SN:
    *Position Wanted:
    **Experience Level:

    *Here are the positions available.
    Co-Admin: Co-leader of the group. You could help me recruit some members. Knowledge of C++ isn't required for this group.

    C++ Novice Team(students): One of the many rookies I expect to join this group. Minimum knowledge of C++ is required.

    C++ Veteran(teachers): You'll be acting like a teacher. Or a C++ Mentor.

    Designers(students): Newbie game designers/computer artist are what fill up this area.

    Designers(teachers): You will be teaching the designer students how to properly do stuff.....

    **Here are the experience levels:
    1: Knows a few C++ functions.
    2: Knows enough to make a good program.
    3: Knows enough to be teacher.
    4: Knows enough to make a game.

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