Thread: set location in C++ or OpenGl for pen-based application using graphic tablet

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    Exclamation set location in C++ or OpenGl for pen-based application using graphic tablet

    hi, i'm running to develop on my final year project using graphic tablet. the approach take design multi modal feedback where i'm going to placing the children book (Paper-Based) on graphic tablet, once the child give a pressure on selected image of the book interface, then retrieve audio feedback and at the same time they can visualize the exactly book interface in the computer screen. i'm totally new to the graphic tablet device and i wondered how could i work to detect the image location, assist a sound feedback regarding to the image selected and get connected the book interface to the computer screen. So far i know that language used is C++ but i really need help to start on. basically, the application need to detect the image position (coordinate)... if something that i should know and try? thank you....

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    First if you are using a tablet or some other type of hardware it will have an interface for querying the position and pressure of the pen.

    Second if you want to display some result on the screen then you will either use GDI, Direct3D, or OpenGL to display the information.

    Since you have given no information as to what API you are using it is unlikely any of us could help you based on your post.

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    set location and audio feedback in C++

    thanks for the reply ;> sorry fo the not enough details. Here,

    in my proposal,
    API-- DirectX
    Platform-- Windows XP
    Software -- Visual Studio (C++ or OpenGL)
    Language -- C++

    i'm really clueless how to start and how to code my program, here is my questions and problem.

    My Questions:

    1) How can i done the structure program to set the image location and audio feedback regarding to the location detection.

    For example: The child use the pen to press on image, example "mouth". Once the child had press on the location, automatically audio feedback retrieve and the child need to follow the voice record of "mouth"

    2) How can i intergrate the program with the graphic tablet and display the data on monitor screen? The graphic tablet that i may able use is Wacom Graphire Graphic Tablet.

    3) The child did not need to draw but just need to press on image of the book interface that have been placing on graphic tablet device.

    I really need help on guide, tutorial or code to start work on my program stucture since i have 2 months left to finish up my final year project.... i really appreciate for the resources given since i'm very clueless right now..... thanks..

    if there is any better suggestion about API, software tools or language use please let me know... thanks....

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    Most graphic tablets appear to the application as a mouse (or other "pointing device") - maybe that's sufficient for what you need to do?

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