Thread: OpenGL - Texture or no texture?

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    OpenGL - Texture or no texture?


    I need a new project to spend my spare time on, and this time I thought that I may program a 2d platformer.

    I have traditionally always used textured quads for such games, but this time around I was wondering whether I might try sticking to untextured geometry (a la vector graphics).

    What I was wondering about is the following: Resource-wise, will it be faster or slower to draw more untextured vertices (predominantly using glList) than less but textured geometry?

    The OS requirements were Windows Vista Ultimate or better, so we used Linux.

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    Vector graphics will be fast if you only draw what you need. If you are only drawing in wireframe then you will have a huge slowdown.

    In 3D wireframe is slow b/c the z buffer is sparsely populated whereas if everything is textured the z buffer performs quite well.

    So whether you are drawing only what you need via the z buffer (as in 3D) or in 2D (vector graphics) you are still culling out the unecessary vertices so the end result is the same.

    Some naive people have attempted vector graphics by setting the mode to wireframe but this does not work well with modern hardware.
    My terrain app runs at almost 20 FPS in wireframe and 100 FPS (at 100hz) in solid fill mode.

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