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    My 'game' compiles runs etc with no erros or warnings.

    BUT it has a major problem and I cant find where it is.

    It all runs as supposed to EXCEPT when I attempt to hover the mouse cursor over the game window the window closes automatically. Cant seem to figure out what iit is. Anyone have any ideas???


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    That's not particularly easy to figure out for us, as we have no idea about what your application does when it hovers. Perhaps setting a breakpoint in the message pump will give some insight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by strokebow View Post

    My 'game' compiles runs etc with no erros or warnings.

    BUT it has a major problem and I cant find where it is.
    Some code would help. Until then try placing a breakpoint where you handle the mouse, then start moving the breakpoint deeper into the code until your window starts closing. then just backup a little for a good look. If you can find the line that is closing your program then I suggest pausing there and examine your call stack and all local variables which have an effect on your function. Sounds like your not processing an exception, or overwriting the stack somewhere.
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