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    realistic fishing sim

    basically i want to create a very realistic fishing sim where you can see other players catching fish and also having matchs , i know there is nothing out there at the moment for pc but i think fisherman would love it and so would i and want to see it on my screen , it will be c++/DirectX project with 3dsmax as models ,

    some key ideas for my game would be

    you see another player struggling to land a fish , so you get up from out of your peg and run to where the person is and pick up the landing net and help him catch the big one

    another idea is would be if the fish fights so much your gonna to rip off the lips and you would just real in a pair of lips on your hook , this way you get a idea of how big the fish from seeing the size of the lips

    i want it so there is a pond and you have other players with animations sat around the pond fishing and having a good time ,

    i am still thinking of idea's but i think there could be a nice community made from a real fishing sim ,

    the 1 thing i need help on is .x heirchy and shaders and models , the rest of the code i think i can handle sniff

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    I think you're missing the appeal of fishing for some people
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