Thread: Need book to program game into multiplayer...

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    Need book to program game into multiplayer...

    Programming in C using either Dev-cpp or Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 compilers.

    I'm looking for a book that will help me create my text based game into a potential multiplayer game. I am an advanced programmer although I only know C and some C++. I haven't jumped into DirectX or OpenGL yet. Currently, my game consists of a text based adventure role playing game with real time combat. It's very user friendly (help and tutorials available) and easy to play. In the game you can hire NPC's (up to 10) to go adventuring with to get through the tough parts. And then I thought, this would be great if you can get real players to join. Just like those MUD games from the 90's.

    So far I found on two books:

    MUD game programming by Penton
    Multiplayer game programming by Lamothe

    but I am unsure of which one would benefit me most. What I want to learn first is to a create a program that does this:

    1. Player one opens the game and selects multiplayer with player 1 being the host.
    2. Player two opens the game and connects to player 1.
    3. Each player can type something on the console and they see the responses.
    4. More players can enter the "chat" until Player 1 decides to launch the game.

    Now that's the basics of what I want to do. As far as getting the game to sync up and all that, I'll figure that out later. Right now I just want to learn how to get two computers to talk to each other like a simulated chat room.

    If either of the two books would help me there, that would be great. Or if anyone has another book they can recommend.

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    I cannot recommend books because I am not sure what book to recommend, but I can suggest you read up on network programming a bit. I am more of an online tutorial kind of person....

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    I dont know that specific title, but LaMothe has a good reputation and a lot of experience in game programming. I own 3 or 4 of his books.

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    Does anyone think the book "Code Complete" 2nd edition would help.

    The problem I have is that I don't know for sure what book will help me because I'm not at that stage to understand the code within the book. That is why I want to get the book then learn it. It would be a great disappointment to get the book and read half way through to find out it's no help at all.

    My game is text based and I eventually want to make it multiplayer and also include voice so that players may talk to each other in the game.

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