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    Lightbulb Simple AI Needed!

    The last 'missing peice' in my project is AI, as in 'CPU' Players in a Simple Mortal-Combat type game.

    Can anyone help me?


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    Fighters' AI

    What you need to do is declare a variable that represents your "CPU" fighter's possible states; ie: punch, kick, block, seek, flee, stand-still - and assign a number (percentage) that represents each of these. Then at each iteration where you check your actions you would generate a random number and check it against the action's number.
    Here's some psuedo code to show you what I mean:

    **start code**

    Stand = 15;
    Seek = 25;
    Flee = 35;
    Punch = 50;
    Kick = 70;
    Block = 99;

    RanNumbr = generate random number here

    if (RanNumbr <= 15)
    else if (RanNumbr <=25)
    else if (RanNumbr <= 35)
    else if (RanNumbr <= 50)
    else if (RanNumbr <= 70)
    else if (RanNumbr > 70)

    **end code**

    Of course this is generalizing it a bit, but you should get the idea. Hope this helps.

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    Question If you were writing in C++

    Could you also set up some classes and objects and have the CPU check against the Users moves. Something like...

    else if ... ect

    You already have the collision done?
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