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    Dark gdk

    I did a forum search expecting to find a lot on this, but it only found one result, which wasn't a very long thread.

    I came across this the other day.

    I downloaded it and compiled and ran a couple of sample programs, it looks pretty cool. Has anyone had any experience with it?

    Also, it only works with August 2007 release of the directX SDK, not the later versions. Has it lost support?



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    I have tried it before, slightly. I wasn't really that impressed. The GameCreators are obsessed with getting as high-level as they can. It can be rediculous and buggy at times. It is really just a very high-level DirectX wrapper. If you are only interested in 2d games I strongly suggest SFML which is like SDL only faster and use C++ classes. Very nice library. OpenGL can also be included for 3d.

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    I've never heard of SFML before, but it seems pretty nifty. It doesn't look like it is as far along as SDL, however. I would question your statement that it "is faster".
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    These test say that it's faster. It may be biased, it being on the sfml forums and all.

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    I don't think the intention of the forum post was to smeir the good name of SDL. The intention was just to find out how much BETTER it is. I would trust the facts.

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