Thread: creating a game save (how do i do it?)

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    creating a game save (how do i do it?)

    I've been working on this nifty little game with my buddy allegro, and I've come to the point wherein I need to save some data. All I know about this is that I imagine it entails writing the necessary variables to a .txt file or something. I can't seem to find any syntax on that, can someone point me in the right direction?

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    It's the same as any other file save/load thing.

    Did you ever do the phonebook exercise homework? Well that's pretty much it.
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    This is for SDL but it still might help you.
    Game Saves

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    All you need to do is save enough data so that you can properly reconstruct the game world back to the way it was at the save point.

    I would highly recommend you make your class objects streamable as this will greatly facilitate your efforts. However you can just create a save function that will write out the pertinent data.

    Since you cannot write pointers (you can but itis ugly during reconstruction) and/or variable length strings easily you will have to account for these. What I normally do is write enough data so that I know what type of object im working with and enough state data to re-create it just as it was during the save.

    I would not attempt to write out a load function that messed with pointers and offsets from class base addresses b/c you can gain the same functionality by being smart with your data.

    A simple interface might be:

    class ISerializeable
       virtual ~ISerializable() { }
       virtual void LoadFromFile(std::string filename) = 0;
       virtual void LoadFromOffset(unsigned __int64 fileoffset) = 0;
       virtual void SaveToFile(std::string filename) = 0;
       virtual void SaveAtOffset(unsigned __int64 fileoffset) = 0;
    class IGameObject
    class GameObject:public IGameObject, public ISerializable
         virtual void LoadFromFile(std::string filename);
         virtual void LoadFromOffset(unsigned __int64 fileoffset);
         virtual void SaveToFile(std::string filename);
         virtual void SaveAtOffset(unsigned __int64 fileoffset);
    Your GameObject class then would implement the functions provided by the ISerializable interface.

    You would then be able to iterate your list of game objects and call the appropriate Save/Load function for each. This should create the game world correctly.
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