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    C++ Game Development & Demand


    I wish to learn about game development with C++. How much Mathematics do I need to know in in order to gain the fundamentals of game development and design inluding using graphics libraries such as OpenGL, Direct 8.

    I wish to become a *VERY* technical programmer in the C++ industry. I mean, what areas would have HIGH demand for C++ programmers. I have already been told by many other programmers, that Telecommunications is a big field for programmers. Developing mobile applications etc.

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    if your in it for the money then a database or yeah, telecommunications programmer would prolly make the most, game designers usually dont make as much, but have fun . For database programming, you wont need extremely high math skills, but for game development, yes, for things like physics, camera movement...etc.

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    A good understanding of algerbra is required for any kind of programming, more math beyond that just depends on what you want to do. If you are going to work with physics or 3d then you need all the math you can get.

    Ive been looking at job listing for some time, and the positions seem to vary a great deal, I think the average pay of programmers polled in 2000 was about 50k a year.

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    C++ and Game Programming don't mix. C++ is too slow, I kid you not. This is not a fault of the language, it is a fault of the current state of compiler technology.

    Game companies are looking for programmers who can program in C and assembler. Period. They also need artists. I'm talking Electronic Arts, Bungie, Infogrames, Eidos, etc.

    You also need to create several really good-quality games-- they won't even look at you if you don't have something to show. That gets you in the door.

    Understand, you need to think differently about performance code-- and that's all a game is. A game is a highly-specialized database management engine. And because it's performance-oriented, it means you need to code "close to the metal" in order to have the right level of control.

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    so your saying game programmers do opengl and directx in C. I highly doubt that. Every source code of a commercial game i have is in C++.

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    For the longest time game were written in C only, but in the last few years with the new compiler optimization C++ is going to see alot more commercial use in games. C++ is only slower because it dose exception handeling. The difference in speed of a C and C++ program is almost nil in the first place. And if you consider the average computer speed these days it dosent really matter.

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    bungie doesn't exist anymore.....

    sold it's soul to microsoft

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