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    Easiest 3D Engine

    I wonder, is there easiest 3D engine ever?

    If we want to make a simple moving animation using 3D objects...

    class 3DScreen : Easy3DScreen
       void onEnterFrame(); //override the event
       void onLoad();
    3DScreen scr;
    3DObject obj;
    void 3DScreen::onLoad()
       this.setFullscreen(TRUE); //set the 3D screen
       obj.load("myobject.3ds"); //load the object from file
       obj.setPosition(0, 0, 0); //set the position
       obj.setScale(150, 150); //resize the object
    void 3DScreen::onEnterFrame()
       obj.setRelativePosition(1, 0, 0); //move the object to the left
    int main()
    I've tried many engine... they are too complicated for me. Any suggestion, please...

    It's doesn't matter if the engine in C, C++, VB, Delphi, or anything...

    Thank's in advance.

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    Rather than just looking for a simplified engine, look for material that explains the concepts of 3D engines so that you can better understand the ones that are there.

    There are engine wrappers like Ogre but it would do you well to learn about 3D.

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    Easy and 3D engine should not be in the same sentence. Be assured there is nothing easy about 3D even if you use an existing engine.

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    Torque Game Engine is almost that easy, as most of the non game specific stuff is done under the hood. I don't have experience with any other engine. You could also go 2D for starters, but I don't know any easy free 2d engines.

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    hge is a good 2d engine but also is somewhat limited in graphic functionality. Irrlicht is a extremely easy but very functional and stable 3d engine. Irrlicht also has irrklang for audio and irrxml for XML. I use irrlicht for my graphics and audio. With a lot of success so far

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