Thread: Easy 3D Morphing technique : ideas? or references/papers?

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    Easy 3D Morphing technique : ideas? or references/papers?

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to develop a C++ program that can automatically morph between two 3D meshes. I will be using it for only somewhat similar looking models; like for morphing two cups of slightly different shapes, or for morphing between two animal models.

    I want it to be automatic. I have already implemented an algorithm for Registration (aligning) of the two models with each other (as well as scaling, so that they are more or less the same size).

    Now, I need a morphing algorithm that can morph between the two given models automatically, or atleast semi-automatically.

    Has anyone of you done this before? Any easy to understand references/papers? I am trying to implement the algorithm in a paper titled 'Shape Transformation for Polyhedral Objects' by Kent....but the explaination given is very poor. So, I want something else. Any ideas?
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    I would use a lerp over time between the vertices. This only works if they have the same number of vertices.

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