Thread: How to cap the gluCylinder() ends

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    How to cap the gluCylinder() ends

    i am drawing a gluCylinder but it appears to be hollow tubes. I want the two end to be capped, or completely filled.

      GLUquadricObj *p = gluNewQuadric();
      gluCylinder(p, 0.5, 0.5, 2, 20, 2);
    Someone said that if i make the stack parameter to '2' the two ends are capped. i tried it (as typed in the code box) still no caps. Is there a way to make gluCylinder close two ends without declaring two other gluDisc?

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    No idea. However capping it is as simple as drawing a triangle fan with the same number of segments as the tube. Draw the triangle fan at the both ends of the tube. The origin for the triangle fan should be on the centerline of the tube.

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