Thread: Question about math... rendering varying sized boxes

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    Question about math... rendering varying sized boxes

    Ok I have done this before, but I can't remember exactly how.
    I want to be able to render a box of varying sizes(width,height) and also varying scale. Reason for both is to preserve resolution as much as possible.

    I have the following variables with are the sprites or images that I want to blit
    hgeSprite* TopLeft;
    hgeSprite* TopMiddle;
    hgeSprite* TopRight;
    hgeSprite* LeftCenter;
    hgeSprite* Center;
    hgeSprite* RightCenter;
    hgeSprite* BottomLeft;
    hgeSprite* BottomMiddle;
    hgeSprite* BottomRight;
    TopLeft-Rendered once per frame
    TopMiddle-Rendered as many times as the box is wide
    TopRight-Rendered once per frame

    LeftCenter-Rendered as many times as the box is high
    Center-Rendered before each sprite of the box ( the box's background )
    RightCenter-Render as many times as the box is high

    BottomLeft-Rendered once per frame
    BottomMiddle-Rendered as many times as the box is wide
    BottomRight-Rendered once per frame

    I thought that I should render the corners first and then fill in the rest in a loop. Unless I am blind mentally and I cant see a way to loop the entire render without a million if statements.

    NOTE: I think the main problem is that the windows can be scaled at creation, or runtime. so that also makes the code a little different.

    All sprites start at 32x32pixels
    This is what I have for rendering the corners-
    //Scaled position
            float tpos_x = pos_x*scale_x;
            float tpos_y = pos_y*scale_y;
            //scaled section size
            float section = (32.0f*scale_x);
            float linksize_h = ((32.0f*scale_x)*links_h);
            float linksize_v = ((32.0f*scale_y)*links_v);
            /* Render corners */
            //Top Left corner
            //Top Right corner
            //Bottom Left corner
            //Bottom Right corner
    so I wrote this so far, but I can seem to get the rest figured out. I was hoping someone could help me with this. I will be extremely grateful for any assistance. Thank you.
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    -Rewritten below-
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    instead of rendering pixel by pixel, you can render line by line which is a looot faster.

    What API are you using?

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    I am rendering line by line or rather (sprite by sprite).

    Calling the render function does not actual render it. It adds it to a render tree, and then when the frame is over the tree is dumped and rendered.

    Do you think I should store the position of the window render in a vector then just rmake the vect if position of the window changes?

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    Ok I rewrote the rendering loop. To fix a problem with positioning. Although I still get the spacing problem with I render with any scale other than 0.5f and 1.0f. I don't know why though.
    void UI_Window::Draw()
    	const float NO_ROTATION = 0.0f;
    	//each section of the window scaled
    	float Section = (32.0f*scale_x);
    	//Total width and height of window
    	float Width = (Section*(links_h+1));
    	float Height= (Section*(links_v+1));
    	//Render loop
    	for ( int x = (int)pos_x; x <= (int)(pos_x+(Width-Section)); x += (int)Section )
    		for ( int y = (int)pos_y; y <= (int)(pos_y+(Height-Section)); y += (int)Section )
    			//Render background
    		/* Links */
    			//Render Top middle
    			if ( ( x > pos_x && x < (pos_x+(Width-Section)) ) && y == pos_y )
    			//Render Left center
    			if ( x == pos_x && ( y > pos_y && y < (pos_y+(Height-Section)) ) )
    			//Render Bottom Middle
    			if ( ( x > pos_x && x < (pos_x+(Width-Section)) ) && y == (pos_y+(Height-Section)) )
    			//Render Right center
    			if ( x == (pos_x+(Width-Section)) && ( y > pos_y && y < (pos_y+(Height-Section)) ) )
    		/* Corners */
    			//Render the TopLeft corner
    			if ( x == pos_x && y == pos_y )
    			//Render the TopRight corner
    			if ( x == (pos_x+(Width-Section)) && y == pos_y )
    			//Render the BottomLeft corner
    			if ( x == pos_x && y == (pos_y+(Height-Section)) )
    			//Render the BottomRight corner
    			if ( x == (pos_x+(Width-Section)) && y == (pos_y+(Height-Section)) )
    That is for rendering the window.

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    Here are some screen of the windows. Cut out the rest for size reasons.

    This is the window at 1.5 scale. Clearly it isn't drawing like I want. Not that I will need a window this big.Attachment 8083

    This is the window at 0.5 scale. This looks good to me.
    Attachment 8084

    Edit: I know the window graphic doesn't look good now, but it works until I spend time to make a better one.

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