Thread: Text RPG, how do I set up my program?

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    Text RPG, how do I set up my program?

    I don't know if thats the right way to put it. I have it game set up the following way

    int main(){
    game rungame;
    return 0;
    All my classes have been declared and such. I have included the needed stuff for it any everything. My question is, where does the bulk of what happens in my game go? As it is now I have everything happening in my Game class.

    class Game {
            void start();
    void Game::Start() {
    // every single thing that happens is coded here
    Is this the correct way to go about doing it?

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    I would do it something like this:

    int main()
    	if(game.inisialize())  // Read needed data from file, create memory
    		while(game.isRunning())  // While the game has not ended, isRunning returns true
    			game.update();   // Move players and so
    		game.cleanUp();  // Clear used memory and stuff like that
    And then in the update() function I would get user input, move players and calculate everything.

    But there are many ways to do this, mine is probably not the best

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