Thread: a question on textures

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    a question on textures

    I have always been under the impression that in OpenGL textures must have dimensions that are a power of 2. I have always used textures conforming to that rule.

    Today I threw in a texture with dimensions 384x256. Although 256 is a power of 2, 384 is definitely not. The texture worked, surprisingly, because I didn't expect it to even show up. When I used it on several surfaces, however, it slowed my system to a crawl.

    So anyways...why did the texture work in the first place? I thought only dimensions that are powers of 2 are allowed in OpenGL.
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    According to OpenGL 2.1:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Non-Power-Of-Two Textures

    * The restriction of textures to power-of-two dimensions has been relaxed for all texture targets, so that non-power-of-two textures may be specified without generating errors. Non-power-of-two textures was promoted from the ARB texture non power of two extension.

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