Thread: What's wrong with my Allegro?

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    What's wrong with my Allegro?

    While compiling Allegro 4.00 WIP I get the following error:

    Compiling Allegro for djgpp, optimised. Please wait...
    gcc -Wall -Wno-unused -I. -I./include -x assembler-with-cpp -o obj/djgpp/alleg/i
    blit16.o -c src/i386/iblit16.s
    files files files...
    In file included from src/i386/iblit16.s:23:
    src/i386/ obj/unix/ No such file or directory (ENOENT)

    make.exe: *** [obj/djgpp/alleg/iblit16.o] Error 1
    'Cause I'm not all that stupid I see that is in obj/djgpp/ and copy it there to obj/unix/. Now it goes few files further and then:

    In file included from src/dos/adlib.c:23:
    include/allegro/platform/aintdos.h:27: #error bad include
    src/dos/adlib.c:26: #error something is wrong with the makefile
    make.exe: *** [obj/djgpp/alleg/adlib.o] Error 1
    And I do try to compile it under dos (so why the obj/unix/ and include/allegro/platform/aintdos.h?).

    Words of wisdom?
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    Umm, looks like you downloded the wrong allegro, it looks like you got some form of unix allegro.
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    Have you tried running fix.bat DJGPP yet? Just make sure you're following all the instructions found under the docs\build directory (DJGPP.TXT). If you'd like to try a Windows version, you could use my graphical installer...
    Allegro precompiled Installer for Dev-C++, MSVC, and Borland:

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    Post Need nasm

    On linux machines you get this error if you do not have nasm installed. Maybe you could install a version of nasm for windows?

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    A very impressive 6 YEARS too late I'm afraid.
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