Thread: what am i supposed to do?

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    what am i supposed to do?

    sorry if this is in the wrong place or just a stupid question =(. anyways ive read my way through several tutorials in the beginner section and i understand it but i dont get how to actually make the game. i have used gml (game maker language) in which i would take an object select an event and then add in the code which would be executed in order. for example ball>up arrow>move up etc.
    what i dont get it how a game in c++ works, i think there are multiple files like one for ai one for graphics etc. (just a guess) and they are all run from a main file. im also not sure how those files are setup is it something like:

    int main()

    int ball
    int key
    int player

    *an if statement*
    *do something*
    *an if statement*
    *do something*

    if someone can clarify this to me or can just point me in the direction of something that can that would be great because for the life of me i cant find anything

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    Learning the language would be a good place to start.

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    Game Maker and C++ are a lot different. By the sounds of things, you're still in the bare basics of C++ so wait until you get more comfortable with things before even considering games. And if you want to get into graphics, there's a super long extra wait for you.

    For the most basic games, you're going to have to understand if statements, loops and functions, so start with that.

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    yes i realize its going to be a long while before i can start making games especially with the simplets of graphics but i really do wish to learn. ive gone through the tutorials for the basics of c++ and so far i understand:

    if statements
    switch cases
    file i/o
    inline functions

    i havent even touched on graphics yet but im planning to do that after ive learned the rest of the basics so i could start making simple games with just as simple graphics. but i still also dont know what the layout of a game would look like, i have learned only a few programming languages which are GML, QBASIC, and HTML.

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    If all you've done is GML and the like, don't even try to wrap your head around writing a game after just figuring out the basics. You'll need to start with some smaller things to get to understand how any app is designed with C++. After you've worked with it a while, you'll eventually start to understand and think of how a game would work. You can't just know if statements, loops, and have a vague idea of how to use classes. Structure and design is everything in writing something as complex as a game.
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