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    Uhh Hi Can someone clearify this?

    Hi I never programmed before but I would like to learn....

    What is the difference between

    C# / C / C++ ?

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    C - the basis for C++. It was written in the 70s.

    C++ - a "better C" (Stroustrop, guy who made it). It is an extension of C. All good C programs are also C++ programs, but the reverse is not true. Contains elements that generally make large scale programming easier.

    C# - not directly related to C or C++, as a C or C++ program is not a C# program. A very new langauge, much more closely related to Java than C or C++.

    I'd recommend starting with a beginner's C++ book, but many will suggest learning C first.
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    Stroustrop would recommend _not_ learning C first before C++, actually. And so would I ^_^

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    Hmm... FAQ board me thinx.............

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