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    Question Printing a binary tree??

    I am currently working on a function that accepts the root for a binary tree and prints out the tree structure with the numbers. I want to know where do I begin. Do I need to count the height of the tree or what... I need some help....

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    > I want to know where do I begin.
    At the root of the tree

    > Do I need to count the height of the tree or what
    That would depend on how you choose to represent the tree when you've printed it.

    If its just a text dump, no formatting is required

    But if it's a nice graphical thing, then more work is required.
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    I want a graphically output:
    25 30
    ......and such

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    that didnt come out right....cuz I guess this forum doesnt display the spaces. I want a graphically tree with the corresponding numbers.

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    i still need some help???what this printing of a tree structure.....

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    Still not too sure what your asking, but here goes...

    1) The generic treeprinting program
    void printtree(node * tree)
     if (tree != NULL)
      print (tree -> info); // Not a real command
      printtree (tree -> left);
      printtree (tree -> right);
    2) If you want a graphical tree, might I suggest something using ASCII characters 179, 192, and 195? You know, just do those to draw lines from nodes to their children, with each node being on a different line. It's not spaced out as a tree diagram usually is, but it does have connectivity lines, which is the importatnt thing, personally.
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