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    Drawing Inside Windows Form


    I've started a new project,
    Im Building "Pong" in C#,

    for starters it will be for 2 players , after that's done i'll make a network multiplayer game out of it

    my first problem is - i dont know how to draw any thing inside Windows Forms...
    theres no Component (that i know of) who allow to draw stuff,

    if theres none - i need to use DX ? or can i use the .NET env to do that?


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    Look up

    It's the best anyone can do, because there's a lot to read about, however, once you start to understand whats needed, you can easily google anything you don't understand
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    Also you will want to become extremely familiar with GDI+ and possibly the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) classes which capitalize on XAML technology.

    In respect to gaming with the .Net Framework there are many resources including the XNA project that Microsoft hosts which addresses among other things: XBox 360 and P.C. game Programming from novice on thru to expert.

    Some other topics addressed at the XNA site include Direct X 3D and 2D game design.

    Lots of tools and examples with some also delivering source code as well as tutorials.
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    You can paint to most any control because a windows form has a method called "CreateGraphics()" which creates a GDI+ graphics context. You essentially use this to draw to the control. A graphics object has many Methods like [Fill|Draw][Rectangle|Ellipse]() drawing lines, and you can do buffered graphics as well. It's pretty basic, and you'd be be well off to use a higher level 2D/3D graphics API Like DirectX.

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