Thread: Removing the last char from a string

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    Removing the last char from a string

    I have a text box that contains a string. When I click the "backspace" button I want to remove the last character in a string. I have tried everything I can think of, and it should be working. But instead it always removes the last two characters, the various different ways I've tried. I wasn't sure if C# strings contain the null terminator or not, but I don't see that affecting it. So some how, it's removing the last character, and than overriding the new last character with the null terminator maybe? Any ideas?

    textEntryBox.Text = textEntryBox.Text.Substring(0, textEntryBox.Text.Length - 1);

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    I do not understand, in a regular textbox when you press backspace it removes last char without writing any code.

    Why the default behavior is not good for you?
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    It removes 2 because the defaults behavoiur of a textbox when backspace is pressed is to remove the character in front of the marker. Then you remove the last character. 1+1=2.

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