Thread: Creating C# server/client

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    Creating C# server/client


    Please be patient with me and have in mind I don't have no C# experience. I'm quite experimented when it comes to plain C but C# isn't my deal.
    I want to create 2 small applications one server and one client but my main problem is how to use sockets on C#. I use VS2005 for development.

    I've googled it a lot and found a lot of code out there but is to disabigous for me. I have experience working with unix sockets and I know how to design a communication protocol.

    Any good advice of links for me?

    Please help

    Thank you!

    PS: this is just a personal project... no homework or anything else. just me wanting to do something in C#

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    Sample code for client and server :

    IRC client (bot) :

    Hope it helps.

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