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    Accessing classes

    I have a problem in C# that I have faced a few times before, but I have always managed to work around it. Basically, I need to, from one class, access another class that has not been created in the current class. Both classes are in the same namespace.


    ClassTwo testClass;
    public void Initialize()
    	testClass = new ClassTwo();
    public void aTest(string text)
    //End of Form1.cs
    public void doTest()
    	Form1.aTest("This is a test");
    //End of ClassTwo.cs

    This is basically what I want to do. But it won't allow me to access the method(s) in Form1. How can I do this without creating a second instance of Form1?

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    You can create a static method in Form1. Info on static classes and members.

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    You can pass the class to the other class :

    public class SomeClass() { 
    public const test = "Hello world!";
    public void doTest(SomeClass SC){
    Console.Write( SC.test );
    catch(Exception e){
    Console.Write( e.ToString() ); // SC is null or something.

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