Got an odd behavior out of my tabControl in a .NET FrmWrk 2.0 Windows Form using C#. Using VS2005

When the tabcontrol is active, focused, and the user is using the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate between the differen tabs, when it passes the last tab or reversed you use the down arrow key or arrow backward past the first tab it navigates to the previous form I was on, which is the root form.

I should note, I have a parent form that I use to house a group of child forms, the child forms all have tabcontrols, and each of them navigate back to the first child form inside the parent child form when overrun using the arrow keys.

Tabbing between controls works fine and does not cause an inssue but if the user holds down the arrow key and scrolls through the tabs, when it hits the last tab or goes beyond the firt tab I go right to first child form!

I can figure out how to stop this and this only happens with those child forms with tabcontrols, so I am pretty sure it is related to the tab control.

Any help or tips are greatly appreciated.