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    I have implemented a Properties class that may contain name-value pairs. They are stored in a Hashtable. Now I want to implement this function:
    Enumerator<string> PropertyNames();

    How do I do that? When I do GetEnumerator on the Hashtable inside the Properties class, I get a Enumerator<Hashtable.Keys> back. How do I return Enumerator<string>?

    namespace qwerty 
    Class Properties
    private   Hashtable mHashtable = new Hashtable();
    public    Enumerator<string>  PropertyNames()
    public AddProp(string Name, string Value)
       mHashtable.Add(Name, Value); 

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    Make your own enumerator class (which implements System.Collections.IEnumerator) which is returned from the properties class. It should have 3 methods: Reset, MoveNext and Current.get. To allow your properties class to be used directly in an foreach statement make sure it implements System.Collections.IEnumerable.

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