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    Red face Populating struct from second form

    I'm having issues with filling a struct from a textbox in a different form.

    it's just a textbox with a string....

    Do I use the get/set methods?? and if so how the heck do I call the get method?

    if I do

    public string getThis String
               return thisString;
    Do is call it like Form2.getThisString()???? Or what???

    Dammitt!!!! Help...a pathetic student/ intern at a software company is in danger of his teacher finding out that he really doesn't deserve his A.

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    Re: Where's the Love

    Was my question too easy?? Where's the love...

    I believe if I had that public method with the get and set inside I would just call it (if it was called public string thisString) from the other form like :

    and that will automatically call the get function and assign whatever string if I have a statement like:
    thisStruct[1].thisStringAssignment = form2.thisString;
    Or at least I think so....

    Gotta debug and see if that works out....but feel free to tel me if I'm wrong please!!

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    You write those methods like this
    //Held within a Form2 class
    public string specialString
        get{ return this.mSpecialString; }
    And to call it
    Form2 myForm2 = new Form2();
    string special = myForm2.specialString;

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