Thread: Does Visual C# Express include the .NET sdk?

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    Does Visual C# Express include the .NET sdk?

    I was wondering if the installation of VC#E included the .NET sdk or do I need to install it later. I noticed it allows me to develop windows apps, but didn't know if that was just a standard feature or required the .net framework.

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    Hi indigo,

    There are three "parts" to this:

    1) The .NET Framework Runtime
    This is all of the stuff you need to run applications built using .NET. The runtime also includes many of the compilers (csc.exe, vbc.exe), so in theory, you could build .NET applications using just the runtime. This is a 20MB download and is free.
    2) The .NET Framework SDK
    This contains a lot of the extra tools and documentation you may need to develop .NET applications, but often, the tools you need can be found in the Express editions of Visual Studio (below). It comes with the help, which is good, but I think you'll find for practical purposes, VC# Express will have everything you need. The SDK is also free and is just over 120MB.
    3) Visual C# Express
    This contains most things you'll need to develop simple .NET Windows applications. Most of the tools you'll find in the SDK are included in the VC# Express download. Visual C# Express will require the .NET framework runtime, but I'm pretty sure that if you don't already have the runtime installed, it will download it for you. VC# Express is also free.

    So the short answer is, you should be fine with just Visual C# Express.

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