Thread: DLL output file naming convension

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    DLL output file naming convension

    Hello everyone,

    Previously, I think if I am using namespace ns1, and declaring and defining a public class cs1 using C# Class Library project, I have to name the output DLL name to be ns1.dll. I have this idea because I noticed that Microsoft names the DLLs, like System.dll for name space System, System.Data.dll for name space System.Data.

    Now I tried that I can name the output DLL name to arbitrary name (not ns1), like mylib.dll. Then the applications which use the DLL still work.

    So, I think the conclusion should be, we can use arbitrary name which is not related to namespace. Right?

    thanks in advance,

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    You can name it whatever you want. Microsoft's naming is just a convenience to (quickly) know what is in each dll.

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    Yes, there's absolutely no connection between the name of the DLL and it's content. If you want to call a DLL fred.dll or kernel32.dll or hagfifgajggaduteauryejhjs.dll, that's entirely up to you - but it's probably hard to remember the third one, and the second might get a bit confusing to which kernel32.dll that you wish to use - the one supplied by MS or your own.

    Obviously, if there's a good way to associate your DLL with what it does, then that's a bonus in most peoples mind. If you have a DLL that implements encryption/decryption, then calling it "crypt.dll" might be a good idea. If the namespace of a class is meaningfull as the name of a DLL, then that's one possible good name.


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