Thread: Retrieving local name of "Users" group

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    Retrieving local name of "Users" group

    I'm looking for a way to (programatically) retrieve the name of the windows "Users" group on a computer. You know, the common group a user belongs to, others which might be "Admin" etc... I need the proper local name which may differ in different languages. As an example in swedish the name is "Användare" instead of the standard english "Users". How can I achieve this? Can it be done using the dot net framework?

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    Cool From MSDN

    Here's some info from MSDN that might help.

        public static void DemonstrateWindowsBuiltInRoleEnum()
            AppDomain myDomain = Thread.GetDomain();
            WindowsPrincipal myPrincipal = (WindowsPrincipal)Thread.CurrentPrincipal;
            Console.WriteLine("{0} belongs to: ", myPrincipal.Identity.Name.ToString());
            Array wbirFields = Enum.GetValues(typeof(WindowsBuiltInRole));
            foreach (object roleName in wbirFields)
                     Console.WriteLine("{0}? {1}.", roleName,
                catch (Exception)
                    Console.WriteLine("{0}: Could not obtain role for this RID.", roleName);
    Not sure about the language part

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