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    Console programs

    Is C# good for developing console programs? I have to decide wether or not i should learn C# or some other language.

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    C# is good for console developing. But console programming is usually pretty basic that any language is good at doing it(by console programming I am assuming console output). Once again this all depends on what you really want to do(the stuff that doesn't output to the console).

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    Look at it like this, C# works on the .NET framework. One could look at the framework as a massive toolbox that has so many drawers that you can find new tools every day to work with.

    It's easy and especially fast to develop applications (as in one would write very straightforward code that is very readable).

    On the other hand it's not very portable (unless between windows machines that support the .net framework), I don't know how it is going with the Mono project for Linux ....

    The only times I'm still programming in C# is when I develop some Aspx pages (where the code behind is in C#). Other than that maybe a few times to do something very very fast (please do not start a discussion about execution time etc - I'm talking about development time, and this has nothing to do with the language itself as in syntax wise, but because of the massive toolbox it already has onboard).

    Also your question should be different (as prog-bman already pointed out), if you plan on writing console programs... there are tons of languages this can be done in. It's what is happening behind your console is what matters as to which language you should choose...
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    yeah ive always just done everything in C.. and now as I am starting to do more complicated things the code is becoming rather scary looking. I was hoping that I could learn C# and then i would have access to efficient console code that would be easier to read... im thinking of malloc's while i write this...

    C isnt bad but i thought C# might make my life easier.

    Right now i know, VB, C, PHP MySQL, and other oddballs like MatLAB
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