Thread: .Net 3.0 installation always fail

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    .Net 3.0 installation always fail

    Hello everyone,

    I am using installer from,

    on Windows XP SP2 machine. The installer always report an error (and pops up the popular message box of sending an error message to Microsoft). I have tried on two machines and the error is the same. But I do not know where to check the exact error log.

    My questions are,

    1. This package is for Windows XP SP2 or only Windows Vista?
    2. Is it mandatory needed if I want to use Visual Studio 2005 + .Net 3.0 to do C# development?
    3. Anyone has met with similar issues before?

    thanks in advance,

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    That seems to be the one, although I don't know why you're installing the Windows SDK as well if you aren't using it. 1 Gig of memory? There's definitely another installation file somewhere. By the way, the file you were trying to download just has the .NET 3.0 runtime. If you have Vista, it's' already installed.

    .NET 3.0 only works with VS2005 and up. If you don't know you need .NET 3.0, chances are you shouldn't. .NEt 3.5 will be out shortly anyway and probably more prefered. .NET 3.0 was a very quiet release. Staying with .NET 2.0 will run on Win98+ while 3.0 stops development on Windows 2000 and below. .NET 3.5 is XP SP2 and up. If you don't have an audience target, do what you please. But I would suggest .NET 2.0 if you are using VS 2005.

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