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    Some questions

    I have some questions about C#.
    Q1: How can I send an E-mail to a specific address? What I want it to do is send the data from TextBox1 to the e-mail address, when I click button1.
    Q2: Is it possible, and how, to add new values to the setting page?
    Q3: How would I access files on the internet? Lets say I want to access data.txt at the address How would I do that?
    Q4: How do I access files that are on my computer?
    (I am using Visual C# 2005 Express)

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    have any more specific questions? (you may get more specific answers.)
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    Kinda sounds like homework, browse around MSDN

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    It's not homework. I do Java at school. This is just for a personal project

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