Thread: myString.Replace with case... Is there a better way ?

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    myString.Replace with case... Is there a better way ?

    Hello all, i am working on little exercise in my book and it ask for me to make a cartoon speech simulator.... well lets say that the program needs to replace all the r for a w.

    I didn't have any problem with it but, (there is always a but) if i type R instead of r, it wont replace it (normal... not the same case) so what i did is that i add a second line to go thru my string again and replace the R with a W:

    string sentence
    Console.Write("Type a sentence");
    sentence = Console.ReadLine();
    Console.WriteLine(""); //This is only to add a blank line
    sentence.Replace("R", "W");
    Console.WriteLine( sentence.Replace("r", "w"));
    Console.Write("Press enter to quit");
    Is there another way to work around the case without changing it ?

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    You can always write your own function to do this.

    Go trough each character in the string.
    Check each character for the character you wish to replace ( for both cases ).
    If found replace with proper case.
    Return the changed string.

    This way you only "loop" once over the whole string.

    Then if you are worried that maybe your function would be slower then calling the build in function twice, you can always do some testing and see which one is faster.

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